Corner Garage is customer owned and employee managed co-operative. Having our direction and management democratically controlled by the community is our way of helping the Atlanta area build its social infrastructure. You shouldn’t have to be rich to own part of a business in your community. We want anyone to be able to walk through our doors and become a customer, or even an owner. If you want to get involved with Corner Garage, or just like to support local businesses and fair labor policies, consider becoming a member.

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Membership benefits include a discount in the shop, the right to run for or vote on the Board of Directors, and access to members-only deals and events. You’ll also get a say in how we run things including the ability to help shape the draft bylaws and policies below.

Certificate of Formation

Corner Garage will be a co-operative organization. A draft of the Certificate of Formation that will be filed with the Georgia Secretary of State can be found here (PDF).


The co-op will be bound by a set of bylaws that will be voted on by the members. A draft of the bylaws which will be proposed and voted on at the first member meeting can be found here (PDF).


The Board of Directors and General Manager run the business using a set of written policies. All board and GM policies are publicly available and can be found in the Policy Registry (PDF).