Join the Board

One of the last things Corner Garage needs before we can start seeking funding is a dedicated board of directors to see us through our formative period. If you’re a Texas resident who’s passionate about cars, car repair, or even just the cooperative business model, consider running for the board of directors.

What is the board?

The board of directors is the governing body of a co-op. It comprises 5 members, one of whom serves as the president and another as the treasurer and secretary. Board members must be member-owners of the co-op themselves, and are elected by the other members. In our case board members serve 3 year terms, though they are free to step down at any time.

What does the board do?

The board is accountable to the owners and responsible for book keeping, recruiting new members, and for making the business decisions that keep the co-op running. Since we’re looking for an initial board of directors, they will be appointed instead of elected and their only real duty will be to recruit members and organize an election. They are free to stand in the election to keep their seats, or step down to make way for other members that may want to participate. Aside from that, the board is welcome to be as involved or uninvolved as their time and commitment allows. The board may help us search for funding, find a location, or renovate the space once we have it.

The board is a volunteer position, so a good candidate for the board doesn’t need prior business experience. Instead, they need to be passionate about the idea of Corner Garage and about serving the members. If enough funding is secured, some of the board could even become the first employees!

How do I join up?

If you’re interested in joining the founding board, contact us and we’ll get a coffee and chat. We can walk you through what we’re working on, where we plan on going with the business, and see if we both think it’s a good fit.