Introduction and Membership

Welcome to the Corner Garage blog!

We’re a DIY automotive repair shop that’s planning on opening in South Austin. Because we’ve been formed as a cooperative, we’re owned and accountable to you, our member-owners. By becoming a member you can help us open our doors, but also get a lot of great benefits for yourself.

Here are just a few:

  • Vote on our board of directors, policies, and bylaws
  • Join the board or a committee and help run the business
  • Get paid dividends if we have a profitable month
  • Get discounts on bay rental, car storage, and other services
  • Get access to our members-only hangout spot

We’re gearing up to start accepting memberships right now, and will post more information to this space when we’re ready for you. If you’d like to be informed when you can become a member-owner of Corner Garage, sign up for the mailing list below (don’t worry, we’ll keep the emails to a minimum).

If you’re interested in investing in Corner Garage, or have any questions about us, please contact us.